Dallas Cowboys football trading cards from the 1960s

Football Card collecting in the 1960s was simple! One card per player per year. Easy enough. Topps produced the very first Dallas Cowboy football cards in 1960. Fleer and Topps both produced Cowboy cards in 1961 and Topps was the only major manufacturer to produce Cowboy cards in 1962 and 1963. Due to the lack of a contract with Topps and the NFL players, Phildadelphia Gum produced NFL cards from 1964 through 1967 and Topps produced AFL cards during that same time frame. Philadelphia Gum went out of business after its 1967 release and Topps was again producing NFL cards in 1968. Topps has produced NFL cards every year since 1968.

The 1960's was a no frills decade where a wax pack would cost you a nickel and most of the major rookies ended up in the spokes of a kids bicycle wheel. We have a list of all the cowboy cards from the major card companies plus pictures of almost every card listed. We have a lot of the cards in stock with more arriving every day. We also have some professionally graded cards from the sixties that you have to see to believe. Just click on the graded cards menu button on the left hand column to see the graded cards.

You can start by checking out the top 10 Cowboy cards from the 1960s decade here.... or click on a set link below to check out the specific year and brand of cowboy cards.

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Football cards didn't come of age until long after the Cowboys became an NFL Powerhouse. However football card collecting started long before the Cowboys were a franchise. Here are some links to some football sets that were produced before the Cowboys joined the NFL;