Dallas Cowboys football trading cards from the 1970s

The only major card football trading card company producing football cards in the 1970s was Topps. There was an occasional odd ball set like Sunoco, Kelloggs or Wonderful World of Stamps plus Fleer started putting out the Team Action football cards later in the decade. There were many regional sets produced which can be found in the OddBall section of this site. Only one company produced a national set of football cards in the decade and that was the Topps Company. With little or no competition Topps settled for mostly bland cards with little color and few action pictures. If you have a keen eye and pay attention to detail you will notice that several player cards from different years have the same photo on them or at least photo's from the same photo session. Despite these minor flaws, you can't beat the vintage NFL Rookies and HOFer's from the 1970s.

Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame Players like Roger Staubach, Rayfield Wright, Randy White and Tony Dorsett all have Rookie cards in Topps sets from the 1970s.

1970 Topps Calvin Hill Rookie

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1972 Topps Roger StaubachRayfield WrightRandy White RookieTony Dorsett Rookie