Dallas Cowboys football trading cards from the 2000s

Football Trading Card collecting in the new millennium has reached new heights. There are so many variations (parallels) of cards including serial numbered cards, Game Used cards and Autographed cards that it is almost impossible to catalog every card much less collect every card. Only a few card makers have emerged from the card boom in the 1990s. Topps, Upper Deck which owns the Fleer and Ultra brands. Donruss which owns Score, Playoff and Leaf brands and two new players have emerged that focus on College players bound for the NFL, Sage and Press Pass. Football card collecting in the 2000 became more streamlined with manufactures focusing on insert cards or chase cards as well as Rookie cards. Many brands simply produced 100 or less base cards and filled out their brand with rookies and chase cards. The manufacturers were trying anything they could to one up the competition and get and edge on sales. Collectors were the winners in this scenerio and manufactures were forced to produce high quality cards, super sharp action photos and limted quantities. Of course, this type of quality came with a cost which the collector seemed more than happy to pay for.

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