Dallas Cowboys football trading cards from the 2010s

Football Card collecting entered the 2nd decade of the new millenium with the fewest card manufactures since the early 1990s. Even though Topps and Upper Deck have been mainstays in the hobby for years, both struggled at the end of the decade and were contemplating dropping their NFL liscense. Donruss who changed names to Panini appeared the be the leader in the market heading into the new decade! In the early part of the decade, Upper Deck dropped out of the NFL football card market but continued to produce high quality college football cards that included NFL Hall of Fame players by simply focusing on their college careers. With Topps and Panini being the only manufactures of NFL cards it became some what easier to keep up with all the cards being produced but just because only 2 manufacturs were producing cards didn't mean a large drop off in total cards becuase each manufacturer was producing a dozen or more different brands each.

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