The Must-Have Dallas Cowboys Trading Cards

As classic American hobbies go the pastime of collecting football cards must rank pretty near the top. Sometimes a card will show a famed player from a long-gone era of the sport; perhaps it immortalises a hot new sportsman of the modern day. Either way, what you hold in your hands is a prime piece of trading card.

Collectors across the United States - and, indeed, across the world - prize some cards above others. In addition to this everybody will have their favorite team. With this in mind let us look at some of the genuine must-have cards tying in with one of the most popular teams of all: the Dallas Cowboys. Alongside developing a good NFL wagering strategy, investing in rare trading cards is a great way to earn a little money on the side while enjoying your favorite sport.

The 1963 card set from Topps is something of an oddity. When it was first printed the colours were slightly off and so each player had a strange, purple-hued sky behind them. This was later fixed and cards with purple skies appear to be less common. The most valuable Cowboys card in this set is Don Meredith (#74) - if you can get the purple sky variant then you are really in luck.

The 1976 Topps set, meanwhile, is notable for the "Who Am I?" game that ran through it: a clue to the identity of a specific player was printed on the back of each card. Out of all the Cowboys showcased in the set the best card is probably Roger Stuabach (#395) due to the striking photo of the quarterback as he holds the ball.

The 1966 Philadelphia set has similar "Guess Who?" questions on the back. In this set the most valuable Cowboy card is Bob Hayes (#58) - but fans will also want to seek out the team shot card #53 and the play shot #65.