1962 Post Cereal Regular

Cowboys Checklist

1962 Post Cereal is the only issued football set from Post. There are 200 football trading cards in this set. These cards where placed on the back panel of Post Cereal boxes and had to be cut from the panels. Because of this, it is hard to find a card in top condition unless the panel is uncut. These cards contain a player photograph on the left and the players name, team and position along with a short bio on the right side. The card number and Post logo are also along the right side of the card.
The backs of these card are blank cardboard.
card# Player Notes  
134 Glynn Gregory sold out
135 Frank Clarke SP sold out
136 Mike Connelly SP sold out
137 L.G. Dupre sold out
138 Bob Fry sold out
139 Allen Green SP sold out
140 Billy Howton sold out
141 Bob Lilly sold out
142 Don Meredith sold out
143 Dicky Moegle sold out
144 Don Perkins sold out
145 Jerry Tubbs SP sold out
146 J.W. Lockett sold out

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More information about this set can be found here; 1962 Post Football Cards