1962 Topps Regular

Cowboys Checklist

1962 Topps has 176 cards. 1962 Topps is my favorite set from the 1960's. Due to the black borders, NM cards are hard to find. Because the number of cards from this set didn't match the number of cards that would fit on a Topps printing sheet, many cards from this set where Short Printed. (SP) (some cards where produced in less quantities than others). The front of these cards are set horizontal with a player photo on the right side and a smaller black and white action photo along the left. Under the action photo is a box with the players name, team and position. The back of these cards contain stats, highlight info and a cartoon quiz based on team records.
Cards are numbered in team groups and alphabetically using the city.
card# Player Notes  
38 Eddie LeBaron sold out
39 Don Meredith SP sold out
40 J.W. Lockett SP RC sold out
41 Don Perkins RC sold out
42 Billy Howton sold out
43 Dick Bielski IN STOCK
44 Mike Connelly RC sold out
45 Jerry Tubbs SP sold out
46 Don Bishop SP RC sold out
47 Dicky Moegle IN STOCK
48 Bobby Plummer SP RC sold out
49 Team Card sold out
76 Checklist Card CL SP sold out

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More information about this set can be found here; 1962 Topps Football Cards