1963 Topps Regular

Cowboys Checklist

1963 Topps has 170 total cards in the set. In 1963 Topps experimented with a variety of colors for the borders. All the cards contain a posed photograph with the players name, team and position along the bottom. The backs contain players stats or player highlights along with a cartoon quiz depicting the player.
The backs of these cards are orange. You can place a red piece of paper, that came in the wax pack, over the quiz area to see the answer to the quiz.
card# Player Notes   In Stock
Not in stock
73 Eddie LeBaron SP Short Print
74 Don Meredith SP Short Print
75 Don Perkins SP Short Print
76 Amos Marsh SP Short Print
77 Billy Howton SP Short Print
78 Andy Cvercko SP Short Print
79 Sam Baker SP Short Print
80 Jerry Tubbs SP Short Print
81 Don Bishop SP Short Print
82 Bob Lilly SP RC Short Print
83 Jerry Norton SP Short Print
84 Team Card SP Short Print
85 Checklist Card CL This card is not part of the Cowboys team set but still a nice collectable for Cowboy fans because it has the Cowboys player card checklist on the back.

printable checklist
More information about this set can be found here; 1963 Topps Football Cards