1964 Philadelphia Regular

Cowboys Checklist

Philadelphia Gum produces the 1st of 4 sets during the 1960's. Philly (as it is commonly known) produced NFL cards while Topps was producing AFL cards. There are 198 cards in the 1964 Philly set. Philly cards are somewhat simple in design and the lack of a year designation on the cards makes it tuff to tell the years apart. The front of these cards include a player photo with the Players name, team and position located in a yellow box along the bottom. The backs are printed in blue ink and include player stats or highlights and a cartoon quiz about the player.
These cards are numbered in team groups. Alphabetically using the city.
card# Player Notes   In Stock
Not in stock
43 Don Bishop  
44 Frank Clarke RC 
45 Mike Connelly  
46 Lee Folkins  
47 Cornell Green RC 
48 Bob Lilly  
49 Amos Marsh  
50 Tommy McDonald  
51 Don Meredith  
52 Pettis Norman RC 
53 Don Perkins  
54 Guy Reese  
55 Team Card  Team Photo card
56 Team Card PC Play Card, shows photo of Tom Landry

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More information about this set can be found here; 1964 Philadelphia Football Cards